Direct-Positive. The New Black and White Instant Print £65

Have you always wanted to use a large format camera? The ones with bellows that you have to crouch under a black cloth with a magnifying glass to use? Come and try it out and make portraits and/or still life shots on Harman Direct Positive photo printing paper.

By loading the camera with this positive paper you cut out having to use film and jump straight to the magic of seeing that darkroom print emerge. The king of analogue cameras, the magic of the darkroom and beautiful rich fibre-based black & white prints to take home with you!

In this three-hour workshop you will learn how to use a classic plate camera and be introduced the fundamentals of print development in the red light zone. The fee includes paper and chemicals to produce five prints (additional sheets of paper can be purchased on the day).

Perfect for couples, friends, as a gift or just a treat for yourself!

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