polaroid Lift & Lumen process

Local photographer and artist Catriona Gray will occasionally be running her Polaroid Lift and Lumen Process workshops. Catriona has extensive experience with analogue photography, having taught at Westminster University and been involved with a number of community darkroom and therapeutic practices. These workshops (half-day or evening) will appeal to those who might only have taken photographs with their phone or a digital camera as well as the more experienced analogue photographer who is looking to explore new techniques.

Polaroid Lift £65

Using instant photographs taken with a Polaroid camera, participants in this workshop will be shown how to dissect and manipulate the print to create beautiful, dream-like, unique prints on a variety of surfaces (paper, card, wood and glass).

All materials and access to Polaroid cameras included in the fee.

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 Polaroid Lift

Polaroid Lift

Lumen Process £60

A variation on traditional ‘photograms’, this workshop explores the possibilities of using the sun as a light source to create delicate photographic images without the need for a camera. Using black and white photosensitive paper, participants will learn how to produce glowing images with a subtle spectrum of colour and fluorescent effects. If you would like to bring your own objects, leaves, flowers etc., to produce really personal results, please do!

All materials included in the fee.

 Lumen Process

Lumen Process