The Basics: Film Processing/Darkroom Taster

film processing £50

During this 3.5 hour workshop you will learn how to load film into a processing tank and mix chemicals to develop your film. When it is washed and dry you will be shown how to produce a contact sheet from the negatives.

This workshop is ideal for analogue photographers just starting to shoot film, as well as those looking to refresh their film-processing skills. You will quickly earn back the cost of this course by no longer needing labs to process your film!

All materials included.

Just bring along a roll of undeveloped 35mm or 120 (6 x 6) black and white film you have previously shot.

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This short half-day/evening session is aimed at the photographer who has worked in a darkroom in the past and wants a quick refresher before taking out darkroom membership. Alternatively you might never have experienced the wonder of the darkroom and want to see if it's something you want to get into, before taking it further.

You will bring a roll of 35mm black and white film that you have already shot and had processed (you can send it to us in advance and we'll process it ready for the session at a very competitive price). You will be shown how to produce a contact sheet, from which you will select a negative or two to produce a print to take home.

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