darkroom is coming soon. We are working hard to create a fantastic new facility in Camden Town in north London that will enable you to work comfortably to produce high quality photographic prints. 



There will be a range of enlargers that will satisfy most photographers’ needs. A Leitz Focomat II and a number of Kaiser enlargers that handle both 35mm and 120 negatives. In addition, our three DeVere 504s are capable of accommodating 5 x 4 negatives.

Initially, we will ask you to attend a short induction session with one of our experienced technicians, to ensure you understand how all the equipment works and what our standard operating practices are.

Once inducted, as a member you will be able to book an enlarger for a session of independent printing. Darkroom will provide all essential chemicals (developer, stop, fix, etc.), so all you need to bring is your own paper. Darkroom will even provide a processing service for films received at least 24 hours in advance.

It’s an exciting time to be setting up darkroom and providing the opportunity for a whole new generation of photographers to explore traditional processes.
— Brett Rogers, Director, The Photographers' Gallery