Introduction To Your Camera and Basic Darkroom Practice £250

A practical course that will teach you the principle functions of a 35mm Single Lens Reflex(SLR) or medium format camera and basic darkroom skills.

Over two days you will be introduced to the camera mechanisms that control exposure and shown how to load and unload film safely. Having shot the roll of film, you will learn how to process it and produce a contact sheet of the negatives. From this you will choose images to create beautiful black and white prints in the darkroom.

This two-day course will include film, paper and chemicals, but participants will need their own 35mm SLR or 120 camera.

This course would be the perfect introduction for the photographer looking to acquire all the skills needed to subsequently work independently in our darkroom. 

Completion of this course will count as your Induction, which is mandatory for anyone planning to become a darkroom member.

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