As a user of darkroom you can choose the membership that suits you best.

Resin Coated £60 - Our entry level membership for occasional users. 

Silver Bromide £250 - For those of you who imagine developing your relationship with us. In addition to your induction, you get four free long or seven short sessions, 10% discount on workshops and darkroom sessions.

Platinum £500 - For the safe light junkie. Free induction and one free long session per month, plus 10% discount on workshops, darkroom sessions and bookings at our partner studio 2 Iliffe Yard.

Our friends at Process Supplies are offering all darkroom members an additional 5% discount on their already very competitive prices.

Look out for special offers for early joiners.

Once you buy annual membership and have taken our mandatory Induction (£20 for Resin Coated members) you can use our online booking to reserve darkroom sessions.

Session Prices

Weekday Long Sessions  £45                                                                                                         Weekday Short Sessions  £30                                                                                                          Weekend Long Sessions  £55                                                                                                  Weekend Short Sessions  £35 

Bulk buy sessions in advance and get one free. Six-pack Weekday £225. Six-pack Weekend £285

Exclusive weekday darkroom use once a month from  £80.                                                                      One-to-one guided sessions with an experienced tutor from  £150.                                                Contact us for further details

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