As a user of darkroom you will be able to choose the membership that suits you best.

Resin Coated £60 - Our entry level membership for occasional users. Includes cost of induction.

Silver Bromide £250 - For those of you who imagine developing your relationship with us. In addition to your induction, you get five free sessions, 10% discount on workshops and darkroom sessions.

Platinum £500 - For the safe light junkie. Free induction and one free session per month, plus 10% discount on workshops, darkroom sessions and bookings at our partner studio 2 Iliffe Yard.

Our friends at Process Supplies are offering all darkroom members an additional 6.5% discount on their already very competitive prices.

Look out for special offers for early joiners.

Once you have bought annual membership and taken our mandatory induction you can use our online booking to reserve darkroom sessions.

Session Prices

Weekday 10.00 - 18.00  £50                                                                                                             Weekday 18.30 - 10.30  £35                                                                                                              Weekend 10.00 - 18.00  £60 

Bulk buy sessions in advance and get one free. Six-pack Weekday £250. Six-pack Weekend £300

Exclusive weekday darkroom use once a month  £80.                                                                      One-to-one guided sessions with an experienced tutor from  £150.                                                Contact us for further details

We offer students and seniors a 30% discount on memberships and session fees. Students must produce evidence they are on an accredited full or part-time course of one year or longer leading to a recognised qualification.                                                    

Tell us how you hope to use darkroom's facilities 

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