darkroom: Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement

darkroom is a membership based open-access workshop set up in 2018. It was created and run by analogue photographers, catering for the needs of analogue photographers. This document outlines the Terms and Conditions of the services we provide and what we expect from our members. It also explains the way in which personal information which you provide us with will be used.

Using darkroom

By using our website, signing up to our mailing list, enrolling for membership or participating in any of our workshops or courses, you accept these Terms and Conditions.


Before being able to book sessions at darkroom, you must enrol as a member and pay the annual fee for your chosen tier. Details of our three membership levels (Resin Coated, Silver Bromide and platinum are all detailed on this website, along with the annual fee. This fee must be paid in full in advance. Darkroom membership will commence on the day that the member completes their mandatory Induction session, when members will be required to bring evidence of identity (passport) and address (utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement). A membership card will be issued, to which members are required to add a photographic image of themselves and produce when arriving at darkroom. The Membership is non-transferrable and members are not permitted to bring non-members to darkroom or share any of its equipment with them. Non-members wishing to visit are required to obtain permission in advance.

If you wish to cancel your membership, or your membership is terminated, any remaining whole months will be refunded pro-rata, subject to a cancellation fee of 15% (with a minimum charge of £15, whichever is the greater)


All members, irrespective of experience, are required to attend a darkroom Induction session. This is intended to reinforce the dos and don’ts of working in the shared space and familiarising all members with the equipment they will be using. If the technician presenting this session suspects that a prospective member lacks the necessary skills to work independently, they will be advised to complete one of our training courses before their membership can be initiated.

Participants booked in for a darkroom induction should arrive 15 minutes before the advertised start time. If you are going to be late, please call the technician. You will have been provided with their telephone number when booking the session. If participants arrive late, it will be at the technician’s discretion whether they will be able to join the group. This is to ensure they have a good understanding of how to work communally, without disrupting others. If required to book for another session, this will incur another Induction fee.

Courses & Workshops

Non-members are permitted to book and participate in courses and workshops run by darkroom. They are required to abide by the same Terms & Conditions as members. We ask that participants arrive fifteen minutes before the start time, to ensure that the class can commence at the advertised time.

darkroom reserves the right to cancel a course or workshop at least seven days before the start of the scheduled date. Participants will be refunded in full, or offered an alternative date.

If you are unable to attend one of our courses, we must be notified at least seven days prior to the event. A cancellation fee of 15% (with a minimum charge of £15, whichever is the greater) will be charged. It is not possible to refund any cancellation made less than seven days in advance of the course date. Once confirmed, it is not possible to change bookings for a particular workshop or course.

In the unlikely event that a darkroom Gift Voucher proves to be be an unwanted gift, any refunds will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15% (with a minimum charge of £15, whichever is the greater).

Using darkroom

Once inducted, members will be able to access our online booking portal to book and pay for darkroom sessions. Sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Bookings can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance of the start time, subject to a cancellation fee of 20%. darkroom reserves the right to cancel sessions no later than 24 hours in advance of the start time, in which case participants will receive a full refund or the opportunity to be booked into an alternative session.

darkroom cannot be used without a technician being on the premises. Only members are permitted to use darkroom facilities and you are not permitted to bring friends without prior agreement from the management.

darkroom cannot guarantee access to specific equipment when booking sessions, but will try to accommodate members’ requirements whenever possible.

Hot food and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises. Snacks and other drinks must be stored and consumed in our kitchen area.

Equipment & Materials

darkroom has a lot of fragile, precision equipment, which members and course participants are asked to take care when using. They are expected to follow the guidelines for use provided during the Induction session and instructions given during workshops. The cost of replacement or repair of any equipment damaged (other than normal wear and tear) by anyone using darkroom will be their responsibility and will need to paid for in full before any further use of the facility is permitted.

Members and participants on workshops are not permitted to leave equipment, materials or personal belongings on the premises. Personal belongings are brought on to the premises entirely at the owner’s risk and no responsibility will be accepted by darkroom for any loss or damage. If any goods or materials are damaged through the proven negligence of darkroom, financial liability will be limited to the cost of its replacement. Anyone using darkroom and bringing anything of value is advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance against loss or damage.

Privacy Policy

In order for darkroom to operate effectively it is necessary for us to request and store some personal information of its members. We will undertake to take the greatest care to protect this and promise that it will not be sold to any third parties. In order to provide a smooth operation, it will be necessary to share some information with third parties, for example for the processing of credit card payments for online bookings. Our partners have assured us that data provided to them will be secure and not shared unless you give express permission. Because darkroom uses third party payment providers, your credit card and bank details are not stored by us and we have no direct access to them.

Like most other websites, darkroom and the websites of our third-party plug-ins require your device(s) (computer, mobile phone, etc.) to accept cookies. These are designed to make your interaction with our website more effective. You can set your browser to reject cookies, but you should be aware that by doing this, certain personalised features of these websites will be disabled.

When booking for workshops or darkroom sessions you will be automatically be added to our mailing list. You will only receive our In Focus newsletter and information related to other darkroom workshops we think you might be interested in. You have the right to unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to received messages from us.

General Disclaimers

darkroom strives to ensure that all information is accurate on its website and that of any third-party website linked to it. Links to third-party websites are provided to enhance your experience and increase knowledge and information. The presence of any link does not mean that we endorse the sentiments of that website or vouch for the accuracy of any information on it. We have no control over these linked sites, and you access them entirely at your own risk.

Information on this website is subject to change without notice. Where there are significant changes to our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy we will e-mail you and encourage you to review them.

Prices on our website are accurate at the time of publication and we will endeavour to maintain their accuracy. However, darkroom will not be held responsible where an amount charged does not correlate with the figure advertised, if the customer has knowingly agreed to the purchase.

darkroom strives at all time to provide an excellent service. If you feel that we have failed in any way, please let us know. Your feedback is the best way for us to gauge if we are doing the right thing and where appropriate will instigate changes suggested by our membership.

About us

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