Looking to the future

We've had an incredibly productive week, managing to create the darkroom enclosure and most of the plumbing and wiring that will be needed to make it work.

If all goes to plan, we hope to be finishing and decorating over Easter and moving in the equipment soon after.

Looking to the future.

We will soon be announcing dates of the first round of darkroom workshops. As a newsletter subscriber, you will benefit from priority booking as well as early-bird pricing. We’ll be kicking off with a couple of courses which cover the basics, which anyone keen to work in a darkroom or improve their analogue photography should consider taking.

  • Introduction To Your Camera and Basic Darkroom Practice : A two-day practical course explaining the principle functions of a 35mm Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera and basic skills needed to get you started in the darkroom.
  • Basic Darkroom Practice and Black and White Printing: This course is aimed at the more experienced photographer, who already knows how to use their camera and now wants to discover the magic of working in a darkroom.

Both of these will count as your Induction, which will be mandatory for anyone planning to become a darkroom member.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding dates for these more advanced and specialist workshops:

  • Polaroid Lift
  • Lumen Process
  • Photograms
  • Pinhole Photography
  • Cyanotypes
  • Intermediate Black and White Printing
  • Chemigrams

We’d really like you to tell us if there are any things you’d like to learn about, that we could help you with.

Also, if you have experience of teaching a course we are not offering and would like to run it at darkroom, we’d love to hear from you.

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