Our new Chemigram workshop is a big hit

Teaming up with photo-artist Sayako Sugawara has been a great success at darkroom, with her first Chemigram workshop selling out in record-breaking time.


The six lucky participants were shown how to create ethereal, unworldly images from fogged paper, out of date photographic chemistry and everyday materials such as coffee, sugar, salt and lemon. Sayako revealed a few “trade secrets” which produced some totally unexpected results that one of the group likened to “cooking with chemicals”.

With the participants having different creative backgrounds it was interesting to observe the variety of approaches to a process that lends itself so well to experimentation. Verene from RK Photo kindly brought along some lovely old glossy Foma paper that created very contrasting results, picking up more detail and producing greater depth within the images.

No one wanted the session to end!

We shall be running this workshop again on July 13th and August 10th.

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